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Porthcawl Microsuction specialise in carrying out one of the most professional and modern ear wax removal in Porthcawl and the surrounding areas. I have a wealth of experience to draw from, having worked (and still working) as a practicing Registered General Nurse for over 40 years. I’m passionate about giving people the opportunity to maximise the use of their hearing, bringing comfort where, previously, there was distress. I am trained to carry out ear wax removal procedures by the gold standard in microsuction and ear care: Rotherham Ear Care and Audiology Service, who are known in the industry as the authority on all things hearing. It brings me great joy to contribute to my local community with this service.

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I begin by examining your ears using a wearable microscope, to get a really in-depth view for how much wax is present in your ears and where it is most concentrated.




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I’ll explain the process in detail, helping to put to bed any queries or worries you may have. I’ll also ask you some questions about your general ear health and your experience with this particular procedure.




The machine I use is, essentially, a small suction device, able to target specific areas within your ear canal, removing blockages of built-up ear wax or debris.



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All my ear wax removal procedures are carried out in Porthcawl and the surrounding areas and I offer regular booking discounts, so get in touch to book your first treatment today.


I have full Public Liability Insurance (PLI), as well as Indemnity Insurance, so you can be sure that any treatment you have with me is covered to the highest standard.

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Call us on 07888 278 663

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The government’s guidelines on Covid-19 change regularly. I am always up to date on the latest rules and restrictions, to ensure that I provide my ear wax removal procedures in as safe an environment as possible. Microsuction is a close-contact procedure, so I will be wearing full PPE for the duration of your treatment. I also take a lateral flow test every morning. Patients are to come to all appointments alone, if at all possible, and wear a face mask.

Procedures are caried out in a spacious, well-ventilated area, so that social distancing can be observed wherever possible. I will ask your permission to take your temperature on arrival and will require your written declaration that you are free from all Covid-19 symptoms before I administer my services. All equipment is disposable, where possible, and sanitised before and after every session where not.

Please follow the NHS Wales guidance and updates surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

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If a person you know is desperately in need of an ear wax removal procedure yet, due to disability, is unable to personally consent to one being carried out, then they must have someone with Power of Attorney for Health sign on their behalf.


All treatments and procedures that I carry out are done so under a patient confidentiality agreement. Please read this below.

Safeguarding Policy




If you find yourself, or find someone you know, in need of an ear wax removal procedure, then please fill out my contact form on the Services and Booking page to reserve your slot at my next pop-up clinic.

Alternatively, give me a call on 07888 278 663 to discuss my treatments and find out how they work.