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My name is Kay and I’m a practicing Registered General Nurse, in primary care, with over 40 years of valuable experience in the healthcare industry. I provide ear wax removal in Porthcawl and the surrounding areas, and am trained and accredited by the Rotherham Ear care and Audiology Service, which is known as the gold standard in ear care, so you can be sure that, when you come to one of my clinics for professional ear microsuction, you’ll be getting the highest standard of treatment available.

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Kay is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) - trained and accredited by Primary Ear Care Centre and Audiology Services Rotherham – the gold standard in aural care in the UK.





Ear wax removal and professional ear microsuction is no longer available in general practice for several reasons. The Welsh Assembly government have issued a statement saying that this service will be rep-provided by the NHS, delivered in primary care and run by audiology. This was due to start in October 2021.

Due to the lack of availability of ear wax removal services in our community, I have decided to specialise in professional ear microsuction and provide pop-up clinics and domicilary visits in Porthcawl and the surrounding areas.

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Ear Wax Removal Business in Porthcawl and surrounding areas Kay






Your aural health is a vital and often overlooked, part of your health as a whole. Hearing is one of the five main senses, so it’s incredibly important to keep your ear canals healthy. That’s my prerogative. I take great care to thoroughly treat your ears, ensuring that your hearing is the best it can be.




When it comes to a sensitive procedure like professional ear microsuction, it’s more important than ever to be careful and methodical. There is a process for a reason and I stick to it all the way through. My treatments are well organised, regarding all Covid-19 regulations, so your treatment is as effective as possible.




I operate under the highest standards of professionalism, drawing on more than 40 years of experience as a practicing nurse to provide a holistic service that is effective and safe. I understand that this is a new procedure for many people, so I make sure to treat all my clients with dignity and respect.









I am not an audiologist, but purely a clinician, tasked with improving your hearing through the removal of ear wax. I have no sponsors to promote and nothing to sell but my service. All of my treatments are reasonably priced, so you can be sure that I’m putting your health first, while providing an exceptional standard of professional ear microsuction treatment.

If you think your hearing is getting worse, you may simply have a build-up of wax blocking your ear canals. Get in touch through the contact form on my services page or give me a call on 07888 278 663 to book yourself in for a treatment.